About.com’s Beadwork
Probably the oldest beading site, About.com's Beadwork has numerous of articles on every aspect of beading and free patterns and tutorials.

Links to so many fantastic free beading tutorials that your head will spin. Be prepared to disappear for hours. Get on the "Bling Buzz" free newsletter so you will know when new links are added.

Auntie's Beads & Supplies Free Videos
Aunties has a number of great videos available for free at the Auntie's Beads & Supplies Web site, plus much more in their Jewelry Learning Center.

Rita Sova and her family at Sova Enterprises have created two unique and wonderful Web sites for beaders and designers. There are literally hundreds of bead patterns for sale in downloadable PDF format (or you can have Sova print and mail them to you). There's also quite a few free patterns available, as well as lots of free instructional material on the different beading stitches and techniques.

Beading Daily
BeadingDaily.com has taken over as the most comprehensive resource for beaders. The site features numerous of free projects, 25+ free e-books, a forum, Bead-A-Long, videos, galleries and much more. Joining is free and make sure to get on the mailing list.

The Bead Bugle
The Bead Bugle is an online bead magazine from BeadBabe. They offer patterns for sale via PDF (free to premium subscribers), and there’s TONS of free stuff available in the archives, including a number of beautiful designs by Alice Korach.

Beaducation offers online beading videos for sale and also some for free, including Laura McCabe's Crystal Squared Pendant (downloadable video and instructional PDF).

Beadwrangler Samplers
This site contains lots of well-written tutorials on a number of beadweaving techniques: bead crochet, bead embroidery, netting, brick stitch, herringbone stitch, peyote, the square stitch and right-angle weave. There’s also some great information on the history of beadweaving techniques.

A great selection of free project instructions and unique articles here.

Bliss Stamped Jewelry
Bliss Stamped Jewelry is a personalized jewelry company based in Nampa, ID. Founded by sisters Michelle and Jaqui Castro, they create and sell personalized, hand-stamped pewter jewelry pieces.

Fire Mountain Gems Free Beading Instructions
Lots of goodies here, including beading videos.

FusionBeads.com's Techniques
A terrific abundance of free step-by-step instructions and beading techniques here—all well-written, illustrated and wonderfully presented.

Miyuki Conversion Charts
11/0 Delica to 11/0 Round seed bead conversion and vice versa.

Ruby’s Jewelry Design & Beadwork
The author of Beading With Ruby also has a number of free tutorials up on her Web site. Her Daisy Bracelet and Another Daisy Variation Bracelet are especially stunning but there are many more, all FREE.

Suzanne's Jump Start Classroom
Suzanne Cooper's wonderful peyote stitch tutorials.

WhimBead's Bezel a Rivoli
This free tutorial by Beki Haley is fantastic. More tutorials at the Whimbeads classroom.

If you are exploring wirework, then Wigjig is the site to peruse (and if you are not interested in wirework, you will be after you see how easy Wigjig makes it look). They have a huge selection of jewelry making tools and jigs, as well as over 2,900 pages of free wirework instructions and some videos. Free instructions include how to make your own earrings findings, clasp and tie-chain, and hundreds more pages for creating bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

New jewelry tools and an online "Wubbers University" to help you learn how to use them at Wubbers.com. I am more of a needle and thread designer but if you are into wirework, these Wubbers do sound great: "Wubbers are easy on your hands and easy on your metal. They are engineered for precision and offer the ultimate experience in comfort and control. Each pair is meticulously hand finished to minimize marring and to ensure that Wubbers’ quality is incomparable."