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Selling Finished Jewelry From My Patterns:

My policy regarding selling finished beaded jewelry products from my pattern designs is that as long as you make each finished product yourself with your own hands, you can make and sell as many of my designs as you wish. It would be lovely if you would also give me give me designer credit when selling on a website, Etsy, eBay, FaceBook, craft fair or whatnot.

Teaching Policy

My policy regarding teaching is fairly lax because I really don't do any teaching myself so I am always happy when others want to teach my designs.

However, I do require the following:

  • YOU CANNOT RESELL MY PATTERNS IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM (this includes free patterns) without my permission.
  • If you want to teach any of my patterns (those free or for sale), just let me know which pattern (or patterns) and get permission (just so I know who is teaching my patterns and where).
  • When teaching a class, I DO NOT require that each student or bead group member purchase a copy of their own and it's fine by me if the teacher wants to photocopy or print multiple copies of a free or purchased pattern for students/bead group members as long as the copyright and my contact info stays on the bottom of each page. If you find that this info gets cut off when you print, please email me and I will email you another PDF. After the class, no additional copies may be made.
  • Please do not rename the pattern or tamper with the PDF and/or print-out.
  • It is mandatory that I am credited as the designer on any Web sites, calendars, newsletters, fliers, etc. that announce the class (i.e., "design by Deborah Roberti" or "taught with permission of designer Deborah Roberti"). [If you don't, I will get emails from beaders, worried that a bead shop is plagiarizing my patterns so please, just do this.]

As long as these requests are met, then my patterns will always be available for others to teach at local bead shops for no more than the initial purchase price of the individual pattern.

My FREE Patterns & Tutorials (index here: https://www.aroundthebeadingtable.com/Tutorials/index.html) can be taught in a class (with or without class fees) or printed and distributed free of charge at any time (but not sold) in your shop as long as my PDFs are unaltered and all contact information stays on the printed page, especially copyright info at the bottom of the page. As long as my free pattern is not included in the cost, you may also create kits or "Take & Make" bead packs of my colorways or whatever colorways you create. I am afraid that I do not allow online distribution of my free patterns in PDF form, though. Only print copies are allowed for distribution. If you have any questions, just let me know.

You can download a PDF for printing at the top of each free pattern web page here at AroundTheBeadingTable.com. I do not want my free patterns sold, however. A couple shops here in the U.S. have done so without my permission. My anger at having my copyright violated is nothing compared to a beader's anger at buying a pattern that is available for free elsewhere. My free patterns are my way of giving back to the many beaders who have supported me over the years, as well as the bead shops, groups and societies that do so much to keep beading alive and thriving in communities all over the world. I want my free patterns to remain free in every way but I also want my copyright respected. Thank you! Deb Roberti

PLEASE NOTE: Although I allow teaching of my patterns, the following is FORBIDDEN, as well as a blatant violation of my copyright:

  • Resale of my patterns in ANY WAY is forbidden without my permission.
  • Making and selling kits of my patterns is forbidden without my permission.
  • Making videos or instructional material of my patterns is FORBIDDEN.