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Bracelet Patterns

Click on a picture for more details on each pattern (new and updated patterns added to the top):

Silky Frames Mystic Band SuperDuo Squared Candy Cane Band Tiptop Band GemDuo Rings Bouclé Bracelet Button Bracelet SuperDuo Flowers Jupiter Band Gala (FREE) Vanity Band Lunar Bands Hopscotch Band (FREE) Canyon Band Clara Bracelet & Earrings Rattan Band SuperDuo Chain Band Eyeful Band (FREE) Xara Band Byzantium Bands Serafina Paisley Bow Bracelet & Earrings Scalloped SuperDuo Band Chevron Bracelet (FREE) Two By Two Band Paragon Band (FREE) Noella Bracelet & Earrings Paisley Swirl Bracelet & Earrings Tila Brocade Band Astral Bracelet (FREE) Cabana Bands Stacked Crescent Weave Band Miranda Band Four Corners Bracelet SuperDuo TW Band (FREE) Ariel Band SuperDuo Lace Bands Byway Band (FREE) Primrose Bracelet Double Diamond Band Anchor Bracelet (FREE) Eyelet Bands Hana Band Slinky (FREE) Diamond Weave Band Mandy Bands Zenith Bracelet & Earrings Skinny SuperDuo (FREE) Dragonfly Band Granny Square Josefina Circles and Squares Xena Bands Moroccan Bands Tila Medley Bands Bling Bracelet & Medallion Honeycomb Stacker (FREE) Marquise Bracelet & Earrings Diamond Lattice Bracelet Solitaire Bracelets Netted Pearl Bracelet (FREE) Babette Bracelet & Earrings Bubble Bands Aztec Band (FREE) Brocade Bracelets Batik Bracelet & Earrings Brique Bands Bobble Bangles Antonia Bracelet Crystal Arches Bracelet (FREE) Any Bead Bracelet Athena Bracelet & Earrings Alexandra Bracelet Boleynn Cuff Bejeweled Bracelet & Earrings Blue Jeans Bracelet Bijoux Bracelet Bistro Bracelets Butterfly Lace Bracelet Candleight Cuff (FREE) Blossom Bracelet & Earrings Baroque Bracelets & Earrings Cube Brocade Bracelets Cosmos Bracelet & Earrings Craving Crystal Crossroads Bracelet Coin Bands Czechmates Bands Circe Bracelet & Earrings Secret Santa Bracelet (FREE) Caroline's Cuff Crystal Wiggle Bracelet Cubism Bracelet Celebration Bracelet Crystal Cuff Crystal Posy Bracelet Crystal Lace Bracelet Crystal Luster Bracelet (FREE) Crystal Tennis Bracelet Crystal Drop Bracelet Cleopatra Bracelet Crystal Flower Bracelet Crystal Squares Bracelet Crocus Garden Bracelet Christmas Bracelet Cordelia's Bracelet Crystal Tile Bracelet Crystal Windows Bracelet Crystal Windows Cuff Cube Bracelet Filigree Bracelet & Earrings Fanfare Bracelet Eclipse Bracelet & Earrings Cupola Bracelet (FREE) Eddy Band Fusion Bands Farfalle Bracelet Flutter Bracelet & Earrings ZigZag Bracelet (FREE) Eliza Bracelet Darby Bracelet Garden Cuff Elizabethan Cuff Deco Bracelet Garden Bracelet Daisy Bracelet Geometric Obsession Double Herringbone Bracelet Diamond Tila Bracelet Diamond Crystal Bracelet Fretted Floral Bracelet Fishnet Cuff Silky Stacker (FREE) Triangle Weave Band (FREE) Easy Crystal Bracelet (FREE) Skinny Bracelet (FREE) Skinny Bracelet II (FREE) Crystal Chain Bracelet (FREE) Crisscross Bracelet (FREE) Berry Band (FREE) Saturday Night Bracelet (FREE) Jeweled Bracelet (FREE)