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How I Add Thread

STEP 1: I generally stop beading when I have about six inches of tail thread left. You can leave any length you wish but make sure you have enough thread left to thread a needle and weave back into your piece later to make the tail thread disappear:

STEP 2: With your new length of thread, tie a single overhand knot around your original tail thread. When you tie this new length of thread, leave six inches of tail thread here as well:

STEP 3: Now you should have two 6-inch tails—your original tail and the one you just created:

STEP 4: Grab your original tail thread between your thumb and index finger. Position your thumbnail right before the single overhand knot:

STEP 5: Slide the knot all the way up as far as it will go by pushing it with your thumbnail:

STEP 6: Grab your two tails and tie another overhand knot:

STEP 7: Pull nice and tight. You can now continue to bead with the long length of new thread that you just added. Weave in the two tail threads now or when you are done with your bracelet or necklace:

If you are wondering what bracelet I used for this tutorial, it is the Tila Deco Bracelet, although I omitted the center embellishment by skipping Steps 9 to 13 and Steps 25-29: