Earring Patterns

Click on a picture for more details on each pattern (new patterns added to the top):

X-Necklace & Earrings Grand Fleur Petites Fleurs Buds and Blossoms Babette Necklace & Earrings Babette Bracelet & Earrings Bubble Necklace & Earrings Filigree Bracelet & Earrings Roundabout Bracelet & Earrings Drop Petal Necklace & Earrings Infinity Bracelet & Earrings Eddy Earrings & Pendant Batik Bracelet & Earrings Silky Squares Bracelet/Earrings Nexus Bracelet & Earrings Eclipse Bracelet & Earrings Cosmos Necklace & Earrings Cosmos Bracelet & Earrings Craving Crystal Maru Earrings Flutter Earrings Tila Squared Earrings Coin Earrings Any Bead Earrings Harmony Earrings Antonia Earrings Circe Earrings Dewdrop Earrings & Pendant Tuscan Drop Earrings Maya Earrings & Pendant Athena Earrings & Pendant Athena Bracelet & Earrings Alexandra Earrings Steppin' Out Earrings Teardrop Earrings Lazy Moon Earrings Antique Earrings & Pendant Beaded Earbobs Bejeweled Bracelet & Earrings Renaissance Earrings & Pendant Reversible Earrings & Pendant Sangria Earrings & Medallion Spotlight Bracelet & Earrings Sundial Earrings & Pendant Tila Drop Earrings Tuscan Earrings Tila Medallion Bracelet/Earrings Venetian Earrings Octagonal Earrings Curio Earrings Pebbled Earrings Bijoux Earrings Bistro Earrings & Pendant Mandala Earrings Boleyn Earrings & Pendant Moon Ring Earrings Vintage Crystal Earrings Diamond Crystal Earrings Diamond Tila Bracelet/Earrings Elizabethan Earrings Heirloom Earrings Garden Earrings & Pendant Isabella Earrings & Pendant Button Earrings Crystal Squares Earrings Crystal Copper Earrings Crystal Flower Earrings Lady Jane's Earrings Cubism Earrings Holiday Earrings Crystal Drop Earrings