SuperDuo, MiniDuo and Twin Bead Patterns

Click on a picture for more details on each pattern. New and updated patterns will be added added to the top. Note, many of my patterns use more than one bead type:

SuperDuo Squared Candy Cane Band Juliet Joyeux Beaded Lanyard (FREE) Duo Lace Bracelets Tessa Band SuperDuo Flowers Solitaire Bracelets Jupiter Band Jupiter Earrings Canyon Band Tweaked Stacker (FREE) Clara Bracelet & Earrings SuperDuo Lattice Bands Circe Bracelet & Earrings SuperDuo Chain Band Paisley Flower Star Glow Byzantium Bands SuperDuo Tile Piazza Earrings & Pendant Scalloped SuperDuo Band Noella Bracelet & Earrings Tapis Band Tila Brocade Band Noella Pendant & Ornament Clara Earrings & Necklace Miranda Band SuperDuo TW Band (FREE) Rosalind Bracelet SuperDuo Lace Bands Primrose Bracelet Sonsy Bracelet & Earrings Tapestry Bracelet Color Play Bands SuperDuo Stars (FREE) Rosalind Pendant Hana Band Tila Twin Wiggle Skinny SuperDuo (FREE) Dragonfly Band Josefina Rivoli Medallion Josefina Circles and Squares Runway Bracelet & Earrings Xena Bands Moroccan Bands Nebula Band Twin Cube Wave Bling Bracelet & Medallion Trapezium (FREE) Cirque Bracelet & Earrings Reverie Necklace & Earrings Reverie Band Solitaire Necklace Labyrinth Bracelet Harlequin Band Grand Fleur Wrapped Stacker (FREE) Petites Fleurs Shasta Band Babette Necklace & Earrings Babette Bracelet & Earrings Filigree Bracelet & Earrings Twin Peaks (FREE) Kaleidoscope Band Fanfare Bracelet Roundabout Bracelet & Earrings MiniDuo Bands Drop Petal Necklace & Earrings Dragonfly Bangles (FREE) Dragonfly Earrings (FREE) Infinity Bracelet & Earrings Brocade Bracelets Eclipse Bracelet & Earrings Eclipse Necklace Eddy Band Eddy Earrings & Pendant Batik Bracelet & Earrings Berry Band (FREE) Silky Squares Bracelet/Earrings Nexus Bracelet & Earrings Maya Bands Maya Earrings & Pendant Cosmos Necklace & Earrings Cosmos Bracelet & Earrings Trestle Bands Ruffle Bracelet Silky Stacker (FREE) Farfalle Bracelet Maru Bracelet & Earrings Starlight (FREE) Flutter Bracelet & Earrings Any Bead Bracelet Any Bead Earrings Stackers (FREE) Athena Bracelet & Earrings Athena Earrings & Pendant Bodacious Earrings (FREE) Darby Bracelet Harmony Bands Harmony Earrings Little Ditties (FREE) Inflection Band Snowflake Earrings (FREE) Sybil Pendant Tila Flower Bands Tila SuperDuo Bands Starburst Earrings (FREE) Tila Twin Bands Twin Cube Bands Skinny Twin Cube Band (FREE)